Family Newsletters

SUNY Oswego Career Services Office | 2017-2018


At my internship with SUNY Oswego Career Services, my two supervisors and I developed monthly e-mail campaigns through the email marketing service, MailChimp. These e-mails were sent out to the families of SUNY Oswego students to increase parental engagement with the office. Each e-mail was themed around the time of year and upcoming events. Christy Huynh helped come up with overall ideas and Annalise Winkler constructed the written content. I researched design concepts and produced the graphics and ultimate aesthetics of each e-mail campaign.  


The e-mail campaigns were created to contact the families of SUNY Oswego students to remind them about the Career Services Office and the events and services they provide. The e-mails serve as reminders, as well as a medium that opens communication up between the two parties.


With this in mind, it was important to entice with strong visual content. We wanted the families to be fully engaged and read all of the content within the e-mail. Developing a strong identity through imagery, color and typography for each campaign was a constant goal.


Every email was sent to about 2,900 families and there was a increase of 3.54% in subscribers. The campaigns reached families all around the world in countries such as, India, Vietnam and Spain. 

These e-mails were the first steps towards the parental outreach goals that the office had made the school year previously.

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