Snapchat Geofilters

Rochester Red Wings Baseball | 2017


While interning with the Rochester Red Wings Baseball team in 2017, I created numerous Snapchat geofilters to be used by fans within the ballpark. These filters were usually designed around specific themed nights that were being promoted and were used for promotional intent. The season’s final statistics showed that the filters reached 213,000 unique Snapchat users, whom either swiped, used or viewed a geofilter creative.


Rochester Red Wings fans come from very different backgrounds and are of all ages, genders and race. These specific geofilters were used by the section of the larger audience that owns a smartphone and uses Snapchat and its filters. These users needed geofilters that were designed with the understanding that they will be applied to a picture and should be on the outsides of the screen. The typography, color and subject choices were also important so that the audience could read and visually understand the geofilter and what it promoted.


The overall goal of the Snapchat geofilters were to increase exposure of the Rochester Red Wings through Snapchat engagement. When a fan uses a filter and eithers sends a photo to a friend or posts it to their story, it automatically reaches one ore more people who are not necessarily at the game itself.


Each geofilter had to include the Rochester Red Wings logo or name and the McDonald’s logo, therefore there was a secondary goal of promoting the baseball team’s Snapchat sponsor. Some design content was provided and had to be included within the designs as well.


A specific goal of each geofilter was also to capture the user’s attention and make them want to use it on their photo through visual choices made by the designer.

Overall Results

  • Swipes: 38.7K

  • Uses: 13K

  • Views: 597.2K

  • Reach: 213K

  • Use Rate: 33.7%

Best Performance

Plates Night

  • Swipes: 3K

  • Uses: 2.1K

  • Views: 104.5K

  • Use Rate: 69.5%

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